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For Orlando locals, tourists and veteran visitors alike, knowing the Orlando bus routes to your destination can save you some money.

Whether you you are staying on International drive, close to the airport or as far as the Disney area hotels, riding the LYNX Bus might be one of the least expensive ways to get around for both locals and visitors in Orlando.

Operated by the Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority, LYNX Bus Orlando serves the tri-county area of Orange, Seminole and Osceola counties and small portions of Polk and Lake counties as well.

Providing daily service on over 77 local routes. LYNX Buses run in 15, 30 and 60-minute intervals, depending on location. LYNX also operates LYMMO, a free circulator bus in Downtown Orlando with 21 stops reaching from the Amway Arena to City Hall. LYMMO buses run every five to 10 minutes.

Orlando Bus Fares

2020 LYNX Bus Fares and Passes

Single Ride - $2.00 with LYNX discount fare ID $1.00

Have exact fare ready. Bus operators cannot make change and no change can be returned. Only one-dollar and five-dollar bills are accepted.

Lynx All-Day Pass - $4.50
with LYNX discount fare ID $2.25

Lynx All-Day passes are only available by request from the Bus Operator when boarding.Remember to tell the bus operator that you want an All-Day pass before you put money in the farebox.
All-Day Passes are valid from 4:00 a.m. on the date issued until 3:00 a.m. on the following day.

Lynx 7-Day Pass - $16.00
7-Day Passes are activated upon first use and valid for 7 days (ends at midnight of the seventh day).

Lynx 30-Day Pass - $50.00
30-Day Passes are activated upon first use and valid for 30 days (ends at midnight of the thirtieth day).

Note: Links 208, 416, and 427 observe a different fare structure. Please see individual Link schedules for more information.

Orlando Bus Routes

Orlando Bus Schedule

Lynx 01

Winter Park / Altamonte Springs

Lynx 03

Lake Margaret Drive

Lynx 06

Dixie Belle Drive

Lynx 07

S. Orange Ave / Florida Mall

Lynx 08

W. Oak Ridge Rd. / International Dr.

Lynx 09

Winter Park / Rosemont

Lynx 10

East U.S. 192 / St. Cloud

Lynx 11

S. Orange Ave / Orlando Intl Airport

Lynx 13

University of Central Florida

Universal Orlando is serviced by Links 21, 37 and 40

SeaWorld is serviced by Links 8, 50 , 111, 38 and NeighborLink 641

Lynx 15

Curry Ford Rd / Valencia College East

Lynx 18

S. Orange Ave / Kissimmee

Lynx 20

Malibu Street / Pine Hills

Lynx 21

Universal Studios

Lynx 23

Winter Park / Springs Village

Lynx 24


Lynx 25

Mercy Drive / Shader Road

Lynx 26

Pleasant Hill Road / Poinciana

Lynx 28

E. Colonial Dr. / Azalea Park

Lynx 29

E. Colonial Dr. / Goldenrod Rd.

Lynx 34

Sanford / Goldsboro

Lynx 36

Lake Richmond

Lynx 37

Pine Hills / Florida Mall

Lynx 38

Downtown Orlando / International Dr.

Lynx 40

Lynx 42

International Dr. / Orlando Intl. Airport

Lynx 44

Hiawassee Road / Zellwood

Lynx 45

Lake Mary

Lynx 46E

East SR 46 / Downtown Sanford

Lynx 46W

West SR 46 / Seminole Towne Center

Lynx 48

W. Colonial Dr. / Pine Hills Road - 48

Lynx 49

W. Colonial Dr. / Pine Hills Road - 49

Lynx 50

Downtown Orlando / Magic Kingdom

Lynx 51

Conway Road / Orlando Intl. Airport

Lynx 54

Old Winter Garden Road

Lynx 55

U.S. 192 / Four Corners

Lynx 56

West U.S. 192 / Magic Kingdom

Lynx 57

John Young Parkway

Lynx 58

Shingle Creek

Lynx 60

LYMMO Orange - Downtown

Lynx 61


Walt Disney World Resort is serviced by Links 50, and 56

Orlando Bus Routes | OrlandoHowTo.com (5)
Orange County Convention Center is serviced by Links 8, 38, 42, 58 and 111

LYNX Bus Schedule Orlando

Lynx 62

LYMMO Grapefruit

Lynx 63

LYMMO Orange-North Quarter

Lynx 102

Orange Avenue / South 17-92

Lynx 103

North US 17-92 Sanford

Lynx 104

East Colonial

Lynx 105

West Colonial

Lynx 106

North U.S. 441/Apopka (Orange County)

Lynx 107

Florida Mall / Downtown Orlando

Lynx 108

U.S. 441 / Kissimmee

Lynx 111

SeaWorld / Orlando Intl. Airport

Lynx 125

Silver Star Road Crosstown

Lynx 155

Tupperware Sunrail

Lynx 300

300 Disney Springs Direct (300)

Lynx 301

301 Disney Springs Direct (301)

Lynx 302

302 Disney Springs Direct (302)

Lynx 303

303 Disney Springs Direct (303)

Lynx 304

Rio Grande Ave / Vistana Resort

Lynx 305

305 Disney Springs Direct (305)

Lynx 306

306 Disney Springs Direct (306)

Lynx 313

Winter Park

Lynx 319

Richmond Heights / Richmond Estates

Lynx 320

Avalon Park School Connector

Lynx 405

Apopka Circulator

Lynx 407

Kissimmee/Medical City/Orlando Airport

Lynx 418

Meadow Woods / Lake Nona / Florida Mall

Lynx 426

Poinciana Circulator

Lynx 434

SR 434 Crosstown

Lynx 436N

Fern Park / Apopka

Lynx 436S

Fern Park / Orlando Intl. Airport

Lynx 441

FastLink 441 Kissimmee/Orlando

Lynx 443

Winter Park / Pine Hills

Lynx 709

Kissimmee Connector

Orlando NeighborLink

601 NeighborLink 601/Poinciana

604 NeighborLink 604/Intercession City-Campbell City

611 NeighborLink 611/Ocoee

612 NeighborLink 612/Winter Garden

613 NeighborLink 613/Pine Hills

621 NeighborLink 621/Bithlo

Orlando NeighborLink

622 NeighborLink 622/Oviedo

631 NeighborLink 631/Buena Ventura Lakes

632 NeighborLink 632/North Kissimmee

641 NeighborLink 641/Williamsburg

651 NeighborLink 651/Goldsboro

652 NeighborLink 652/Maitland Center

Call NeighborLink at 407-244-0808 at least two hours in advance to schedule your trip.

LYNX FastLink

407 FastLink 407 Route

Downtown Kissimmee / VA Medical City / Orlando International Airport

FastLink 407 operates Monday - Saturday between the LYNX Kissimmee Intermodal Station and the Orlando VA Medical Center in Lake Nona.
Servicing Buenaventura Lakes, downtown Kissimmee, Nemours Children's Hospital, Orlando International Airport, UCF College of Medicine, the University of Florida Research and Academic Center, Sanford Burnham Research Institute and the Orlando VA Medical Center.

More Details

418 FastLink 418 Route

Meadow Woods/Lake Nona / Florida Mall

FastLink 418 connects The Florida Mall to Lake Nona's Medical City by way of the Sand Lake SunRail Station and the Meadow Woods Community.

More Details

441 FastLink 441 Route

Kissimmee / Orlando

Travels between LYNX Central Station (LCS) in downtown Orlando and the LYNX Kissimmee Intermodal Station.
Stopping Orange Blossom Trail and Holden Avenue, Florida Mall SuperStop, Central Florida Parkway (near Costco), Main Street and Vine Street.

More Details

Lynx Bus Service to Orlando Attractions

Destination Serviced by
Florida Mall Links 108, 7, 37, 42, 107, 111, 418 and FastLink 441
Mall at Millenia Links 24 and 40
Orlando Premium Outlets Vineland Link 8
Premium Outlets International Drive Links 8, 24 and 42
Orlando International Airport Links 11, 42, 51, 111, 407 and 436S
Orange County Convention Center Links 8, 38, 42, 58 and 111
International Drive Links 8, 24, 37, 38, 42, 50, 58 and 111
SeaWorld Orlando Links 8, 38, 50, 111 and NeighborLink 641
Universal Orlando Links 21, 37 and 40
Walt Disney World Resort Links 50 and 56
Disney Springs Links 50, 300, 301, 302, 303, 304, 305, 306
Camping World Stadium Links 20, 21 and 36
Old Town in Kissimmee Links 55 and 56
Gatorland Link 108
Orlando Science Center Link 125
Orlando Museum of Art Link 125
Amway Center Links 20, 36, 40 and LYMMO Grapefruit

** Click on the Lynx Bus routes in the right column for a full schedule

Taking LYNX from Orlando International Airport

Located on the A-side of the Main Terminal, on the Ground Transportation Level (Level 1), at Commercial Lane spaces A38-A41

Downtown Orlando

(Approximately 40 minutes)
Lynx bus 11 departs via Orange Avenue at 5:56 to 23:57 (5:56 to 21:57 on Saturdays, and 6:27 to 20:27 Sundays and holidays)
Lynx bus 51 departs via Conway at 5:38 to 21:37 (5:20 to 20:22 on Sundays and holidays)

International Drive

(Approximately 60 minutes)
Lynx bus 42 departs at 6:00 to 22:30 (6:30 to 21:30 on Sundays and holidays)

LYNX SunRail Station Connections

DeBary Station

Winter Park Station

Sanford Station

AdventHealth Station

Lake Mary Station

Lynx Central Station

Longwood station

Church Street Station

Altamonte Springs Station

Orlando Health Station

Maitland Station

Sand Lake Rd. Station

Meadow Woods Station

Tupperware Station Station

Kissimmee station

Poinciana Station

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