Charmeck Civil Inquiry (2024)

1. Civil Pleading Lookup - Mecklenburg County NC Sheriff's Office

  • Welcome to the Mecklenburg County Sheriff Civil Pleading Lookup. To check on a civil process, please search by Name, Business Name, Order Number or by ...

  • Welcome to the Mecklenburg County Sheriff Civil Pleading Lookup.

2. Mecklenburg County NC Sheriff's Office

  • You can request the service of a civil process order, check on the status of an open request, or check your account for payment and delivery information. View ...

3. Mecklenburg County eCourts Information

  • Access to public records is available onsite at the courthouse during operational hours. Starting October 9, to electronically access public case information, ...

  • Find information, training, policies, and procedures related to eCourts for Mecklenburg County.

4. MCSO Civil Process Director

  • Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office - Civil Process · Home · Order Tracker. Select To Get Started: CLICK HERE to submit your Civil Process Application. Civil ...

5. Public Records Requests - Public Information Department

  • NC Court Records · Certificate of Occupancy · MCSO Warrant Inquiries · MCSO Inmate ... CharMeck 311 · Public Record Requests · Request a Speaker. Office Address.

6. Mecklenburg County Court Records | NC Case Lookup

  • Lookup Mecklenburg county court records in NC with district, circuit, municipal, & federal courthouse dockets and court case lookup.

7. Home | Mecklenburg County Government

8. Home - Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department

  • ... arrest the people who break them. The officers, staff and volunteers with ... File A Report · Join CMPD · CMPD Newsroom · Your Response Areas · Share Feedback ...

  • The goal of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department is to make Charlotte one of the safest large cities in America. To do that, we continually advance strategies that prevent crime. We find ways to engage the community in taking steps that help minimize opportunities for victimization. We explore appropriate policy direction with the Mayor and City Council. We seek solutions to the complex community problems that contribute to crime and disorder. And we enforce the laws and arrest the people who break them. The officers, staff and volunteers with the CMPD take very seriously their duty to provide citizens with professional, innovative and effective service. Community safety is a shared responsibility and we are committed to working in partnership with neighborhood residents and business owners as well as other local, state and federal agencies to reduce crime and increase safety.​

Home - Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department

9. FAQs - Mecklenburg County District Attorney's Office

  • If the police arrest someone, why does the DA's Office not always prosecute the case?

  • Questions About the District Attorney's Office

10. City of Charlotte: Home

  • Public Records · Privacy & Legal Notices · Contact Us · Subscribe/Notify Me · CharMeck Alerts · CATS Riders Alerts. Social. Facebook · LinkedIn · Twitter ...

  • January 11, 2024

City of Charlotte: Home

11. Mecklenburg County Arrest, Court, and Public Records

  • Mecklenburg criminal records are public records. They are available at the Mecklenburg Sheriff's Office, the County Clerk of Superior Court, and the North ...

  • Search Mecklenburg County Records. Find Mecklenburg County arrest, court, criminal, inmate, divorce, phone, address, bankruptcy, sex offender, property, and other public records.

Mecklenburg County Arrest, Court, and Public Records

12. Victims of Domestic Violence – District Attorney's Office

  • You can access the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's online inmate inquiry search ... civil court. The Assistant District Attorney prosecutes criminal actions in ...

  • The District Attorney’s Office is committed to ending domestic violence in our community. We have a team of Assistant District Attorneys who exclusively prosecute crimes — both misdemeanors and felonies — that occur between people in intimate relationships. These prosecutors are trained to handle the sensitive issues that arise in these cases, and they work every day to protect victims and seek justice. The DA’s Office is fortunate to have community partners that offer resources to help victims safely leave abusive relationships. For more information about local resources, shelter, safety plans and more, please contact Safe Alliance or Mecklenburg County Domestic Violence & Violence Prevention Services.

13. Mecklenburg County Inmate Search - MCSO Current & Past Jail Records

  • Contact the county sheriff's office or the local police department if you want a copy of the Mecklenburg County jail logs. You can also access this information ...

  • Check if a person is in jail in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. These directories include mugshots, police arrest info, and conviction particulars.

14. NCDHHS: DPH: NC Vital Records Home

  • North Carolina Vital Records · If not, consider ordering a birth, death or marriage certificate from the Register of Deeds in the county of the event. · Divorce ...

  • North Carolina Vital Records

15. Visitation - Charlotte County Sheriff's Office

  • Civil/Criminal Process ... Professional Visitors that require access to the inmate population during hours that the Visitation building is not operational will ...

  • On January 6, 2016, the new Video Visitation System with GTL went live. The public can register and schedule visits online at or call 1-855-208-7349. If you wish to visit a detainee and have not registered please do so. We currently have pamphlets with information regarding the new visitation system located at the visitation building at the jail on Airport Road. You may also go the above website to receive information about the new system.

16. Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office Gun Permit Director

  • Concealed Carry Permits. Click the button below for Concealed Handgun Permit information and applications. You can apply for a new application, ...

  • Close

17. Charlotte mother jailed trying to 'protect' son in custody battle, child ...

  • Jul 20, 2022 · Mecklenburg County District Court Judge Sean Smith sentenced Jacque Kent to 60 days in jail ... report in our 'Order of Protection' investigation ...

  • Nearly three months after a Mecklenburg County District Court Judge awarded temporary custody of a toddler to his father, the child failed a drug test.

Charlotte mother jailed trying to 'protect' son in custody battle, child ...

18. Clerk of Court - Website

  • County Civil · Criminal · Dissolution of Marriage · Domestic Violence · Electronic ... Learn how to perform an online advanced records search. Watch more videos.

  • Roger D. Eaton: Clerk of the Circuit Court & County Comptroller of Charlotte County

19. Inmate Inquiry | Richmond County Sheriff's Office | Augusta Ga

  • The City of Augusta and the Richmond County Sheriff's Office provide access to current inmate information as a service to the general public.

  • The City of Augusta and the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office provide access to current inmate information as a service to the general public. Every effort is made to keep the information provided through this Online Inmate Inquiry application accurate and up-to-date. If you discover any discrepancies regarding these records, please notify the Sheriff’s Office immediately.

Charmeck Civil Inquiry (2024)


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