ageplay – SkittyKat (2024)

My Little Prince

My Little Prince 👑 [F4M] [Gentlest Fdom] [Girlfriend to mommy] [Mdlb] [Age regression] [3Dio ASMR] [Comforting] [Slow build] [Tucking in] a [Shy] [Good boy] with [Kisses] [Handjob] [Suckle on mommy] [Lots of encouragement] [Missionary] [Leg locked] [I love you] [Wholesome] [Aftercare] [26min] FREE Preview This is a long but very comfy roleplay. I decided to use the 3dio for this …

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Secret Playtime Mommy

[Age Regression] [Soft Mommy] [MD/lb] [Gentle Femdom] [Reassurance] [Doting] [Nursing handjob] [Breastfeeding] [Loving] [Reach-around] [Grinding on my ass] [Panty fetish] [Pantyjob] [‘Cum for Mommy!’] [30min]

Countdown with Mommy

Countdown with Mommy [F4M/TF] [Gentle Fdom] [Playful] [Kisses] [You’re perfect] [Teasing] [Good Boy/Girl] [blowj*b] [co*ck/Girl co*ck mentions] [Cuddle’n head scritchies] [10min] [Script: AurallyInclined] p*rnhub version is for Good Boys… [F4M]

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Soft Mommy Catches You With Her Panties

Soft Mommy Catches You with Her Panties [F4M] [Ageplay] [MD/lb] [Sweetness overload!] [Intimate] [Small penis appreciation] [Milk] [Breastfeeding] [Teasing] [Nursing handjob] [Cuddles] Oh! Oh goodness, sweetheart. What are you doing in Mommy’s laundry hamper? … It’s alright baby, Mommy’s not trying to embarrass you.Awwh, oh darling… look at that little bulge in your jammies! Do you wanna play with Mommy …

Caught By Mommy

Caught by Mommy [MD/lb] or [MD/lg] [Gentle Fdom] [Ageplay] [Pantyjob] [Handjob] [Tease] [Kisses] [7:03] Trans version (good girl) Sweetie, why are you looking at these naughty magazines?Didn’t mommy tell you? If you wanted to come, all you need to do is ask.This is what mommy is for. To take care of her baby.Now come here, sit down in mommy’s …

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Big Sis Sucks Your Adorable co*ck

Big Sis Sucks Your Adorable co*ck Silly little brother! You don’t need the blue pill, you need a blowj*b! Script: HornyGoodBoy Note: This audio was originally on p*rnhub prior to the Dec 2020 purge.

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Mommy Milks Her Good Boy

Mommy Milks Her Good Boy Did you have another naughty dream about mommy? Script:Enno Zalenno Note:This audio was originally on p*rnhub prior to the Dec 2020 purge.

Pantyjob from Mommy

Pantyjob from Mommy [F4M] [Gentle Fdom][Md/lb] [Age Regression] [Fingering] [Mommy] [Moaning] [Suckle on me] [Licking] [BJ] [Encouragement] [Good boy] [Wet sounds] [HJ] [Jerking you off] with [White lacey panties] Listen on Soundgasm

ageplay – SkittyKat (2024)


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